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Our mission

To provide a universal solution that enhances professionalism & efficiency at work.

About Uvicon

Uvicon is a privately-owned company, established in Israel in 2017.  Its founder and CEO, Mr. Avi Bar, has a strong background in product development and manufacturing. Uvicon’s flagship product is Clip2Keep, a patent-pending & design patent novel straw holder for aerosol cans.

Decades ago, most lubricant manufacturers began supplying their aerosol cans with a straw attached to them by a strip of adhesive tape. The straw is an accessory that allows focused spraying into deep holes and crevices and on delicate surfaces, thus enhancing the product’s performance.  However, the strip of adhesive tape tends to lose its functionality quite rapidly.  Due to this, the straw is easily misplaced or lost, affecting the spray’s own usefulness.

Over the years, manufacturers have developed various solutions to secure the straw directly on the containers’ bodies or their caps. In general, those solutions have proven to be only partially successful and not cost-effective.  Consequently, users today still face the problem of misplacing the straws, which in turn affects the aerosol’s efficacy.  In addition, this situation also leads to increased expenses related to the search for or replacement of the straws.

For this reason, Uvicon has taken on the challenge to design a lightweight and user-friendly product that is extremely resistant and reliable.  The Clip2Keep ™ keeps the straw secured and ready for use throughout the useful lifetime of the container.

At Uvicon, we believe in high-quality products and, most of all, in high added value to our customers and end-users. And we implemented these principles when developing Clip2Keep ™.  The product is designed to:

  • Keep the straw in good shape and available throughout the container’s useful lifetime.

  • Keep the aerosol spray functional and operating at all times by having the straw always at hand.

  • Keep the functionality of different aerosol products in various market segments by offering a universal solution suitable to cans available in the market.

  • Keeping the aerosol at a high cost-effective ratio for users.

We at Uvicon are proud to offer manufacturers and final consumers/users alike a universal solution that fits all.  Our revolutionary patent-pending product and design increases the aerosol brand’s reputation and the end-user’s work performance.  We believe in collaborating fully with our customers to understand their needs in order to mutually enhance our business goals and profit. We invite you to contact us and discover the benefits that Clip2Keep ™ can bring to you, your business, and your customers.  Come grow with us!