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A wide range of aerosol sprays are supplied by their manufacturers with a straw attached onto the can by means of a strip of adhesive tape. The straw helps focus the spray so that it reaches difficult places and delicate surfaces more easily and efficiently.  This enhances the aerosol’s performance at a very low cost.

This solution would be perfect for the consumer, except for the fact that the adhesive tape tends to lose its shape and adhesive properties quite rapidly. Because of this, the straw is usually mangled, misplaced, or lost a short time after its initial use, thus affecting the performance of the entire product.

Uvicon developed the Clip2Keep ™ straw holder, a patent pending & design patent to fix this exact problem without changing the aerosol cans’ functional design. The clip replaces the standard adhesive tape used to attach the straw onto the aerosol container.

Our product ensures that the straw is always at hand and ready for use.  For this reason, it enhances efficiency at work and preserves the aerosol’s essential functionality throughout its life cycle.  It also reduces the direct cost of lost straws as well as the time and money required to look for and/or replace them.

In addition to its obvious advantages, the Clip2Keep ™ is an extremely cost-effective product designed to be seamlessly integrated into the aerosol’s production line at a very low expense.

Manufacturers may supply the Clip2Keep ™ add-on attaching to the container with cost relieved due to the specially-shaped paper backing of the adhesive pad used to that end.  The adhesive pad itself is one of the strongest in the market, proven to ensure the product’s sturdiness as an add-on to any aerosol container. The Clip2Keep ™ product is supplied with a double-sided adhesive pad already attached to it.

The low profile shape of the Clip2Keep ™ has a negligible effect (1 gr/can) on current aerosol supply packaging and shipment costs.

The idea behind the Clip2Keep ™ is to enhance the reputation of the aerosol brand by significantly improving its operation and, consequently, both the user and customer experience.

In addition, containers offered to the public with the Clip2Keep ™ holder on them project a more professional image of the aerosol product at an affordable price.

Uvicon offers its Clip2Keep ™ in a range of customized colors according to show and tell sample; PANTONE or RAL catalogs (Depending on minimum order quantity).

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