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Tired Of Losing Your Spray Can’s red straw?

Grab Your Aerosol Can Straw holder Today!

Clip2Keep ™, a patent pending & design patent is an ingenious device designed to hold the straw used with aerosol sprays.  It provides an effective alternative to the simple adhesive tape supplied by spray manufacturers to that same end.
Clip2Keep ™ is made of a hard plastic material that has excellent mechanical properties and shows good resistance to environmental conditions, chemicals, and heat.  This allows the Clip2Keep ™ to maintain its shape and functionality throughout time.
The clip attaches to the container by means of double-sided pad that has potent and long-lasting adhesive capabilities.  These are guaranteed to keep the clip in place and to prevent loss of straw for as long as the aerosol spray container is in use and storage.


Learn how to prevent losing your straw again!


Reliable & Resistant

Solution that keeps straw secure and
ready for use

Suitable for all sizes

of can/containers avaiable


with popular straw diameters 0.085"-0.087"

Easy to use

Straw Clicks into clip & pops right out

Saves Time

and prevents the frustration of having to look for the misplaced straw


Enhance work efficency and proffsionalism

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