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The Clip2Keep ™ straw holder, a patent pending & design patent was developed by Uvicon as a solution to a problem common to many aerosol spray cans.  These containers, especially those holding lubricants, are usually sold with a straw that directs the flow of spray to especially difficult places.  However, the existing means of attaching the straw to the can are quite inadequate.  As a result, straws tend to get mangled, misplaced, or lost, affecting the aerosol’s performance. Our product ensures that the straw is always at hand and ready for use.  For this reason, it enhances efficiency at work and preserves the aerosol’s essential functionality throughout its life cycle. It also reduces the direct cost of lost straws as well as the time and funds required to look for and/or replace them.

In this respect, Clip2Keep ™ is an accessory ready to be placed on store displays.  It can be sold by retailers in several forms: retail packages, bulk sales, or bundles.  It can also be offered by manufacturers as a complete installation kit.  This accessory can be offered to homeowners, amateurs, professionals self-employed installers and repairmen, small businesses alike. In all cases, customers have a variety of options to choose from that benefit both them and the retailers.  By providing an accessory that enhances the customer experience and improves work performance at an affordable price, retailers and distributors improve their own status as savvy suppliers attuned to their customers’ needs…

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