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Clip2Keep 250 Pcs. Jar

$207.00 $175.00

Clip2Keep ™, Patent Pending & design Patent is an ingenious device designed to hold the straw used with aerosol sprays.  It provides a solution to a common problem with many aerosol spray cans, loss of extension straw. This Clip is an effective alternative to the flimsy adhesive tape supplied to hold straw on can exterior. It attaches to the container by means of a double-sided pad that has potent and long-lasting adhesive capabilities. These are guaranteed to keep the clip in place and to prevent loss of straw for as long as the aerosol spray container is in use and storage.

Our innovative product ensures you will never lose your straw again!



The Clip2Keep™ Aerosol Can Straw Holder is a reliable solution ensures that the straw is always at hand and ready for use. It is made from hard plastic material that shows excellent resistance to environmental conditions, chemicals, and heat.

Selling Benefits

Aerosol spray can lubricants (Automotive & Industrials) are commonly used by professionals and homeowners as well as by men and women. The usefulness of the straw increases in common used aerosol spray cans such as Multi-Purpose Lubricant, Corrosion Inhibitor, Bike Chain Lubricant, Silicone Spray, Gun & Electronic Contact cleaners, etc.

This accessory can be offered to homeowners, amateurs, professionals self-employed installers and repairmen, small businesses alike. Therefore it suited to be sold by Stores, Retailers, Convenience stores, Gas stations, Pharma stores, Supermarkets, etc.

Product Features:

– Maintains can’s functionality & Efficiency
– Ideal for used and new cans of all sizes
– Compatible with standard straw diameters 0.085” (2.16mm) – 0.087” (2.2mm)
– Prevents can straw loss & frustrations of having to look for misplaced straw
– Ready to attach: Just peel off the self-adhesive backing paper and stick it on the can
– Easy to use: The straw clicks into the clip & pops right out.

Clip2Keep ™ product is supplied with a double-sided adhesive pad already attached to it.
Adhesive pad in the picture may vary visually from actual.
Does not include aerosol cans and/or red straws shown in the pictures.

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